Yankees Notes: Dominguez, Severino, Carpenter

I used to dislike the Yankees the most, but now that title has gone to the Astros. But, in a purely baseball sense…. get over your prospects. You are playing for a World Series title, not to win a division.

The Yankees have become notorious for this, and it has screwed you over in the long term. And, you’ve done this crap several times already. You refused to give up Torres in a deal for Yelich, and instead settled for taking on Stanton’s contract instead. Great, but he is basically another Judge, and that has proved very beatable already. You would have had a far better balanced lineup if you had Yelich hitting in front of Judge, but no… now you’re in a position where you likely want to hold onto Judge over Stanton, but you already have Stanton under contract long term, so there is a chance you have to let Judge walk instead.

Then, you had the fiasco with Clint Frazier and how he was the next “sure thing” and you wouldn’t trade him for anything but the best of the best. Then, he struggled and you had to release him because you refused to trade him at his highest value, and you got nothing for him.

Then, you literally watched Castillo dominate you as a member of the Reds in Yankee stadium, which not only should have proved that he was an ace that could handle the environment, but also that you were beatable against the right pitching. You refused to include whoever in a package for him, and instead, he went to a team that you are now likely going to have to face in the playoffs… and a Mariners team in which Castillo has already completely shut you down twice with a 1.84 ERA both at Yankee Stadium and at home in T-Mobile Park. Sorry, as a Mariner fan, I am more than happy to play the Yankees in a playoff series. They don’t scare me at all, as proven by the now 4-2 record against you this year. And, that was all without Julio.

Stop overvaluing your prospects. We were guilty of overvaluing ours too, believe me. I was angry when we refused to give up our “big 3” in order to get Stanton in Walker, Paxton, and Hultzen. None of those did much of anything for us except for maybe Paxton.

Point is… you were playing for a World Series, and you didn’t get better. Benintendi balanced things out a little more with your lineup, but dang, you needed to make moves to get you through the playoffs to the World Series, and instead, something tells me you will lose in the division series.

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