Turner-Anderson get Dubai silver, Lotman-Crabb take men’s bronze

Top-seeded German Isabel Schneider and Julia Sude beat Americans Molly Turner and Madelyne Anderson 21-17, 21-14 in the championship match Sunday at the Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour Dubai Challenge.

It capped a big week for the first-time USA pair, who earlier won their semifinal match over Thailand’s Taravadee Naraphornrapat and Worapeerachayakorn Kongphopsarutawadee  21-13, 21-17. In the other semifinal, Schneider and Sude beat another new USA pair, Katie Horton and Julia Scoles, 18-21, 21-15, 15-13. 

Anderson and Turner won $8,000 and Horton and Scoles $6,000.

Paul Lotman can only watch the hit by Switzerland’s Leo Dillier sail past/Volleyball World photo

Americans Paul Lotman and Taylor Crabb, another new pair, won the men’s bronze medal as they beat Switzerland’s Adrian Heidrich and Leo Dillier 21-15, 21-18 and took home $7,000. In the men’s final, top-seeded Sweden’s David Ahman and Jonatan Helvig beat Argentina’s Tomas Capogrosso and Nicolas Capogrosso 21-17, 21-12.

Other Americans included Deahn Kraft and Savvy Simo, who tied for ninth, and Hailey Harward and Xolani Hodel, who tied for 17th. 

Other American men included last week’s winners, Miles Partain and Andy Benesh, who tied for ninth, and the pairs of Chase Budinger and Troy Field and Evan Cory and Logan Webber, who tied for 19th.

Click here for the complete women’s results, and here for the men’s, courtesy of BVBinfo.com.

Madelyne Anderson goes all out for the dig as Molly Turner looks on during Sunday’s final/Volleyball World photo

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