Spalding is Bringing Hoop Dreams to the Driveway

As Spalding continues to innovate the game, the iconic brand is taking things to even new heights with the release of their latest drop, the Spalding Arena Renegade®.

With this new in-ground hoop, you can bring the arena right to your driveway. The Spalding Arena Renegade® comes with an Arena-style 180 breakaway rim and a 72 inch clear glass backboard, tailor made for today’s game at the collegiate and professional level.

What also sets the Arena Renegade® apart from other traditional in-ground hoops is its boom arm and rim. Both have been designed using the latest in basketball technology to really make you feel like you’re practicing your free throws right at the Garden.

“There are key elements in the Arena Renegade® that we strived to replicate at home,” says Senior Product Marketing Manager Ben Simms. “We wanted to design an extremely sturdy, durable and premium basketball hoop that replicates the in-arena experience as much as possible. The best athletes in the world play on a Spalding Arena Renegade® during games, but at home, they are shooting on something far different. Our team wanted to deliver as much of the on-court hoop experience to the home, in the form of an in-ground built for driveways across the country.”

Even Spalding Brand Ambassador and Chicago Bulls All-Star forward DeMar DeRozan rocks with the Arena Renegade®, noting both the authenticity and similarities to that “on-court” feeling.

“The scale and quality of the Spalding Arena Renegade® in-ground is authentic to what’s on-court,” said DeMar DeRozan. “It’s a game changer that athletes get to practice what they play on, and fans get to truly bring an Arena Renegade® to their driveways.”

The future of basketball has arrived. The Spalding Arena Renegade® in-ground hoop is available now exclusively on

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