Red Sox Designate Hoy Park For Assignment

I think Bloom is in over his head, and, needs to go. No earthshaking revelation there.

What we’ve got here is basically just a debate over who fans thought should’ve been protected, and, who shouldn’t.

On the left hand, in the opinion of many bloom has taken bad players, or, given up mlb level talent to buy prospects who were every bit as much a lottery ticket as the ones let go or left unprotected. I get it.

On the right hand, the guys bloom didn’t protect I feel were viewed as chaff because he didn’t bring them in or slot them as more promising based on his internal analytics than guys he kept.

Could Song have been protected as restricted? Sure. Absent bloom telling his reasoning not to we won’t know what the deal was.

Poletti? Well, if you look at the AAA numbers, Ort doesn’t profile that much different, at least at a quick glance. I didn’t waste a ton of time looking real deep, but, surface numbers are similar except one had MLB experience and the other didn’t.

I choose Ort to compare with specifically because he’s such a lightning rod for criticism.

Now, Lobo. You read the numbers, they sound great. Except were talking an extremely small sample and an 18 year old. It literally meant nothing.

Yes, I’m disappointed in Ward leaving. Honestly, I think a short-ish term deal for eovaldi mentoring a kid like ward – having been there and done that – could’ve paid dividends, better than having a guy like paxton back. But, ship has sailed.

So, we’re left with the move we’ve got. Maybe Bloom somehow overestimated things and thought some guys would slip through that didnt, and, the guys he kept along longer like park were because he thought they would pass through waivers easier after the rule 5. Who knows. I’m trying to give some benefit of the doubt.

Jansen needs a spot. Park is a weak candidate for call-up purposes and a weak candidate to get grabbed by another club. Park *should* be designated to make room for some relief arms.

Go back to bashing bloom for other moves he’s botched like Bogey, or Benny, or Vaz…. stop worrying about Park and fringe prospects. Invariably some stupid deal or another will happen again this year to bring you more fresh fringe prospects anyways.

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