MLB Trade Rumors: Still Independent After 17 Years

A few days ago, this website celebrated its 17th birthday.  Wow, we’re getting old!  Shout out to those who were around for the “white text on a black background” days!

We’ve come a very long way in these 17 years.  The quality of our writers’ work is as strong as it has ever been.  You’ll see more evidence of that on Thursday when our Top 50 Free Agents list drops.  There’s nothing else like it; this list is a monthlong labor of love of which we’re extremely proud.

There are no corporate overlords here at MLBTR.  It’s still just owned by one guy, me.  That means I can continue to steer the direction of the site toward quality instead of sensationalism, traffic, and gambling.  We don’t play up rumors or information that we think is incorrect or exaggerated, and we’ve developed a strong sense for that.  It also means we can spend a lot of time producing work that I feel is essential but probably isn’t directly profitable, like the free agent list, our offseason outlook and review posts, and our arbitration projections.

If you love or respect this website and have been coming here for a while, we hope you’ll consider a Trade Rumors Front Office subscription.  Despite weathering the revenue loss of a pandemic and lockout in the last few years, we’ve kept the price steady at $2.99 per month or $29.89 per year.  We think it’s a great value for the benefits we’re providing: no ads on the site, exclusive articles delivered via email every week from Steve Adams and Anthony Franco, and weekly exclusive live chats with Anthony where you’re likely to get your question answered.  I’ve got plans to further expand these benefits in 2023, with no increase in price.  If you scroll to the bottom of this link, you can flip through a bunch of endorsements from real Front Office subscribers.

We hope you’ll check out Front Office, but regardless, we’re glad you’re here and we’re excited for our first normal offseason in quite a while!

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