Follow Pro Hockey Rumors For 2022 NHL Draft Coverage

The 2022 NHL Draft continues today after a chaotic day of trades yesterday as well. Make sure to follow our coverage over at Pro Hockey Rumors (@prohockeyrumors on Twitter!) to see what transpires as teams add to their prospect pools through both draft selections and trade transactions.

The biggest newsmakers at the draft have been the Chicago Blackhawks, who ended up with three first-round picks last night after entering the day with none. They shipped out 40-goal-scoring winger Alex DeBrincat to the Ottawa Senators in order to make it happen, though.

There’s still the potential for more trades today. The Carolina Hurricanes already made some big news, trading hot-topic defenseman Tony DeAngelo to the Philadelphia Flyers. Future Hall of Fame defenseman Duncan Keith is also retiring from the NHL with one year left on his contract as a member of the Edmonton Oilers.

Make sure to continue to follow Pro Hockey Rumors throughout the NHL Draft as the day wraps up. You can also keep up with all of the picks on our pick tracker.

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