Are You A Current Or Former MLB Player?

Last offseason during the lockout, 13 current and former MLB players conducted live chats with MLBTR readers.  If you’ve played in MLB, there’s a chance you’ve been teammates with one of them: Christian Colón, Dan Straily, Chad Cordero, Caleb Joseph, Jody Gerut, Paul Sewald, Chipper Jones, Alex Hinshaw, Shea Hillenbrand, Will Ohman, Tyler Danish, Christian Bergman, and Jonny Gomes.  You can check out transcripts from all of those chats here.

When I started this site, Rich Hill was a rookie, and now he’s the oldest player in baseball!  So we’ve been around for a while.  In MLB Trade Rumors’ 17-year-existence, I’ve heard many anecdotes about players reading this website in the clubhouse.  I still think that’s awesome!  If you’re reading this and you’ve played Major League Baseball, we’d love to have you do a one-hour online chat with our readers.

What’s in it for you?  First, it’s a really cool way to have positive interactions with fans in a controlled setting.  Hundreds of questions will be submitted, but you get to scroll through and pick which ones to publish and answer.  Last offseason, the response to this project was overwhelmingly positive, and many players enjoyed it so much they chatted well beyond their allotted hour.  These chats are done on a computer, kind of like a chat room, so there’s no setting up cameras.  Second, MLBTR reaches a wide audience, and we’re happy to link to your favorite charity or whatever project you’re currently working on.

To get in touch with us, you can reach out through MLBTR’s contact form.  Or, if you’re on Twitter, you can reply to one of our tweets and we can direct message there.

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