Angels Reinstate Anthony Rendon, Designate Mike Ford

In 3 seasons with the Halos, Rendon has played in 155 games with 20 HR’s and 89 RBI’s and managed a 3.1 WAR.

Even if that was one legitimate season, he’d be severely underperforming for the deal he is on.

4 years and $154.3M left on that deal, too…. going by how he’s played thus far, over the remaining 656 games, he might produce 85 HR’s, 378 RBI’s and a 13.1 WAR.

This doesn’t factor in a scenario where Rendon stays healthy, stays on the field, racks up games played, plate appearances and so on. Even in that best case scenario for his health, I imagined we will get more of the same.

If he manages to play in, say, 141 games a season on average, over the next 4 years, you might see a typical season production of 18 HR’s, 81 RBI’s and a 2.8 WAR per season.

I will grant that his first season he was pacing for a 6.8 WAR and this season in 45 games he paced for the 162 games equivalent of a 3.24 WAR, which is… okay- not for the money he’s making, but okay for a starting player on a team’s roster- payroll aside.

Anyway- what a fascinatingly awful contract for a guy who’s been weirdly outspoken about making money in the game, about choosing his team based on the media scrutiny of the market he’s in, of a guy who claimed he didn’t want to play more than a few more seasons and signed a 7 season deal because of the money being offered. I honestly wonder if he tried to float a 4 year/$245M deal and the Angels said no way. I bet they wished they had gone ahead and made that deal.

But anyway, if the Angels are lucky, they will get around 16.1 WAR over 7 seasons from a guy that will have been paid like he was going to produce around 49 WAR. It’s a waste of about $165M.

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