Active MLB Players Who Have Received A Qualifying Offer


“Preller has probably “lost” more trades than won…”

Not probably.

“… and development of minor league elements.”

Which Preller has been arguably the worst in baseball at.

“Preller should be given credit for perhaps outperforming nearly every GM in terms of total number of prospects acquired/developed over the past 5-7 years.”

And he also should be given, the blame, for failing to successfully get those prospects over the hump into the majors, which is kinda the key to the whole equation when it comes to prospect development, is it not?

“How can he keep selling the farm, year after year? Reservoir water is for using when the tributaries are flush.”

Basically a fancy way of saying what I literally just said I don’t see it that way. The pipeline is now dried up and even if it wasn’t, the question you should be asking isn’t “Can they afford it?” but rather “Will it benefit them?” Elon Musk can afford to give me $100m. But what REASON does he have to do that?

“It’s beginning to look like they can sustain this strategy.”

They can’t. This team is going to suck after 2024.

So basically you are defending Preller’s strategy of building up an elite farm system only to gut the whole thing for a 2 or 3 year window. We’ve already established that that’s not how successful organizations operate. Look at the last 6 WS winners for proof of that.

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